A powerful earthquake in Costa Rica

On Wednesday morning in Costa Rica was a strong earthquake of magnitude 7.6. Tremors were observed in other parts of Central America. Is known about the 20 injured and 3 dead, but the information is not complete and the loss may increase.
The shopping center collapsed roof. Nicoya, 200 km from San Jose. © Zoraida Diaz | Reuters
U.S. Geological Survey reported that the epicenter of the earthquake was at a depth of 25 kilometers to 140 kilometers west of the capital San Jose. Government calls on the population to remain calm and denies rumors of great destruction. Despite this, it is known that a strong earthquake activity has destroyed many buildings, bridges and roads. Eyewitnesses say that the tremors were so strong that the legs can be hard to resist. Fluctuations lasted about 30 seconds and was felt also in Panama and Nicaragua. In some areas, schools are closed, children were evacuated. Initially, after the earthquake and tsunami was about 5000 people were evacuated from the coastal cities, but then canceled the threat and allowed residents to return home. Costa Ricans surprised at the raging elements, and argued that this was not for 50 years. Some roads are blocked by landslides, and rescue workers can not get to certain areas of the country.
Church in Bellavista, destroyed by an earthquake, 150 km from San Jose. © Zoraida Diaz | Reuters
All Pacific Coast of Central America — seismic zone. Here tectonic plate dives under the Caribbean plate, so the probability of large earthquakes is large.

Source: gismeteo.ru.

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