A powerful earthquake rocked the island in the Pacific Ocean

Earthquake of magnitude 5.6 occurred in Fiji in the Pacific Ocean. Aftershocks were recorded by the USGS.

The epicenter was located at a depth of 571 km at a distance of 39 kilometers north-east of the island and 411 Ndoi kilometers south-east of the capital of Fiji, Suva.

Reports of destruction and no injuries were reported. Warning of tsunami education to be announced. Recall, according to the National Police Agency, the official death toll after the powerful earthquake on March 11 in 12 affected prefectures in Japan is 14.5 thousand, and the missing number 11 356. Injuries of varying severity were 5314 people. The bulk of the victims — about 92% — the tsunami, the height of which in some parts of the north-eastern coast of Japan reached 39 meters.Source: http://dozor.kharkov.ua/proisshestviya/katastrofy/1092611.html

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