A record number of lightning in Britain

During the series of the British Isles supershtormov observers recorded a record number of lightning in excess of 110 thousand. As reported by weather service, every minute on the peak of activity of thunderstorms in the sky could be seen up to 200 lightning strikes.

This natural light show is superior to all previous cases at the intensity of 40. What happened in one day can be compared with the whole four months of thunderstorms and lightning in the usual way. Typically, lightning beat into the ground. Extremely powerful and bright discharge've seen people Suffolk, where lightning struck the bridge between Newcastle and Geytshid.

The previous record belongs to the July 24, 1994, a day when lightning struck the British Isles 85,000 times. A series of lightning end of June 2012 is now considered to be a national record for the number of digits in a day. Favorable conditions for this kind of weather has created a wave of warm air from Spain and Portugal, will meet with cold air masses over Britain and Western Atlantic.

Fortunately, in the kingdom of lightning caused the loss of life and massive destruction. What can be said about Germany, where the attack killed three people playing golf near Korbaha.

Lightning over the Tyne Bridge.

Source: ecowars.tv

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