A series of explosions and fires swept through China


A fire in a shopping pavilion American electrical equipment. Zhejiang Province. December 2010. Photo from epochtimes.com

26.12.10.Minimum six incidents of fire occurred in various parts of China on December 24.
The country continues to explode plants and burn the building.

According to the website "Zili", about 8:00 am local time in the city of Jilin in one of the houses exploded gas. The blast blew out windows in the two neighboring houses. The fire started to urgently evacuated thousands of residents near the six houses, four people are in critical condition, no one died.

The publication "Syantay Kuaybao" reported that at about 6:10 am, near the city of Nanjing Lyuhe residents woke explosion at a chemical plant of "Yuankantszinsi." The flame was extinguished only by noon. Two people suffered burns, the victims were reported.

Morning of December 24 in Haidian District of Beijing warehouse exploded with fireworks. The blast wave knocked the glass of neighboring houses, damaged a fence and standing next to several cars. No people have been injured.

Jinhua City in Zhejiang Province, at 8 am on fire shopping pavilion American electrical equipment. The flame will cover the second and third floors. People had to run outside, no one was hurt.

At the construction site in the city of Hangzhou, at 10 am, for unknown reasons, until a fire broke out in building temporary shelters. All 10 made of light material houses burned to the ground quickly. On the human casualties were reported, resulting in a fire is not yet known, informs site China News.

On the night of December 24, in the industrial area of Shahe Ganzhou, Jiangxi Province exploded factory building insulation. According to authorities, after a series of explosions at the plant caused a fire, injuring five workers.

Epoch (The Epoch Times)

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