A series of explosions at a munitions factory in Bosnia and Herzegovina


Photo: EPA

30.09.11.Odin person was killed and several were injured in a series of bombings that took place on Friday morning at the factory for the production of ammunition "Igman" in Konjic in central Bosnia and Herzegovina. This is reported by the local media.

According to preliminary data, the five explosions, one after another on a Friday around 6:30 local time (08:30 Moscow time).

Those who came to work employees of the plant were evacuated. At the scene were sent firefighters, Interior Ministry and Prosecutor's Office. Firefighters were unable to get started right away because of the danger of explosions resume.

The exact number of victims has not yet officially established. Media reports about a deceased employees. Press Secretary of the Ministry of Interior Srecko Bošnjak, told reporters that "it is too early to talk about the causes of the accident, because it does not create a safe environment for the investigation," RIA Novosti reported.

Factory "Igman", built in 1950, was part of the defense industry of the former Yugoslavia. It is among the largest producers in Europe of small-caliber ammunition. After the war in Bosnia-Herzegovina 1992-1995, the company was privatized. Currently the factory produces all kinds of weapons, exporting its products to more than 60 countries.

Source: Voice of Russia

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