Abnormal cold caused loss of livestock in northern Thailand

Incredibly low for March in Thailand temperatures cause mass deaths of cattle in the north of the country, said on Wednesday the newspaper Nation.

More than two thousand cows died from cold at a temperature of seven degrees Celsius in the mountainous region of Om Koi Chiang Mai province, the report said.

Abnormal cold, which brought to Thailand by the cyclone of China and Siberia, were established at the end of last week. In the north and north-east of the country daily temperature did not exceed 17 degrees Celsius, and in mountainous areas dropped to plus 5.7 degrees.

Along with the cold weather came and the rains with thunderstorms, which at this time is usually no.

In Bangkok, the day the temperature reaches 22 degrees, and at night stays at 16-18 degrees. Residents of the capital of Thailand off the air conditioner, but it still can not warm up the house to the usual temperature, as the country is entirely absent heating homes. On the street, many overlook the demi-season clothing: jackets, knit caps. In urban transport air conditioning is still working, as they provided a complete shutdown technology operating buses and the subway.

Thai weather forecasters are predicting that the weather will change before the end of this week.

Neither veteran could not recall such weather in Bangkok in March, said on Wednesday the seventh national TV channel in Thailand, whose staff conducted a survey of older people in the capital. Usually at this time begins the dry hot season, the temperature in Bangkok during the day to reach 37-39 degrees, and at night kept at 28-30 degrees plus.

Source: rian.ru.

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