Abnormal degrees in Lahore, Pakistan

A sudden hail on Saturday turned some areas of Lahore in the likeness mountain settlements and led to significant problems on the roads.

The main attack of the storm that struck the city at 16:45, was in the business center and the areas around Galberga. Within a short time, hailstones the size of a small strawberry covered the streets and rooftops.

People observed the unusual weather changes with joyful curiosity, but there were also cases of panic. Some people are in fear of praying.


Elements led to problems on the roads, the mass of hail significantly impeded movement. On the other hand, the drivers seemed to enjoy what was happening, instead of aimlessly in traffic jams. Young people used the opportunity to play with the fallen ice, took photos and video to mobile phones.

According to the reports, the storm affected only certain areas of the city. For example, in Faisal Town was only drizzling rain. But at the same temperature dropped significantly.

Weather Service did not consider the degree record, but agrees that it was abnormal. "On the plains Pindzhaba this time of year happens to hail from the difference between surface and upper air temperatures, but, nevertheless, the present castle was unusual," — said meteorologist.

According to him, the castle was caused by exposure to air masses from the west to the northern region. It can also lead to rain on Monday in the plains and snow in the mountains.

Officially, there were 12 mm of rain in Lahore airport, and 4.5 mm at the weather station at Jale Road. The maximum temperature was 22 degrees Celsius, while the minimum was 7.5 degrees.

Translation: Vitaly Semkin
Source: DAWN.COM

Source: vseneprostotak.ru.

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