According to the American preacher, May 21, on the ground should fall terrible disaster

Only the righteous will be saved 200 million after the terrible disasters which are estimated to American preacher today must come down to earth. Start time of doom did not come in any time zone, so those who are afraid of the apocalypse, can still spend the last or do what ever did.

By the way, officially reacted to the prophecies only police department in New York. The statement said that the police did not plan to take further action in connection with the end of the world. Anyway, if that happens, the number of patrols will be reduced, because the streets are empty.

The Voice with a placard. Stop passer! Judgment Day is coming. And the exact date — beginning of the end. However, New York approximation woes hard not to notice. Or react somehow wrong.

The followers of the sect former engineer and now a preacher Harold Motor Home around the world are trying to prove that the world should be destroyed. Do it with an obsessive enthusiasm. Never has the end of the world is not so widely advertised and fabrication. Mugs. Mikey. Posters in the streets. Commercials on TV or even good kids bear warns.

Gotten to this wave and to Russia. At least seven Russian cities — you could see billboards on the subject.

Harold Camping speaks and says, gives to the Bible in his lap. We see that a lot of work with the text. It was there, a self-taught preacher allegedly found a mathematical code, which led him to three figures — 5, 10 and 17. Then for some reason, multiply them together. Twice. And got the number — 772 to 500 days.

Camping has added them to the April 1, 33. When in his version of Christ crucified, and on May 21, 2011 — the day of the Apocalypse. But even the Camping has predicted the end of the world in September 1994. Apparently, then, the calculation was wrong.

But now fairly certain: saved only 2% of earthlings.

According to Harold Motor Home, "first will be a huge earthquake, compared with which the earthquake in Japan seem like child's play."

Mankind protests. In the U.S., volunteers are raising money and hang their billboards, "Do not believe the motor home."

"I was lucky on all sides, because the protest posters also attract attention to us," — says this Harold Camping.

In some Russian regions came easier. Picked up and removed the posters of him.

"This is an obvious lie. This is an obvious lie. Because the gospel is clearly written on the day and hour that no one knows. Only the angels of the Lord," — says Saransk seminary rector Father Alexander Pelin.

Moreover, the area seems to have cleaned advertisers themselves, fearing civil charges of blasphemy.

In Moscow, posters still hang. But who ordered the agency will not confess. According to some, the traces lead to a house in Kiev, where the branch is registered to an American radio station that broadcasts to Russia via the Internet. All programs are written in advance and begin the same way.

A network of radio stations owned by Harold Camping. He spent the hysteria own production several million dollars sponsors. One of them — Robert Fitzpatrick gave to this case — 140 000. All of their retirement savings. Indeed why a person money if tomorrow may never come.


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