Act of Hyde Park in force

In Moscow the law came into force on Hyde Park from today — January 7, 2013. In Sokolniki Park and Gorky, based in Moscow, specially allocated place for the strikes, rallies and other meetings, which can now be done without any permission from the authorities.

This amendment was introduced into the law on public assemblies, meetings, processions, rallies and pickets. Introduced new articles that contain the requirements for organizing pickets. Also in the amendment were given special requirements to places where there will be any mass action.

In the above two parks have been allocated special places of public assembly, fully equipped as required by the new amendments to the Act. Anyone can come to hold a demonstration in these two parks, a specially equipped place, and begin their campaign, which can last from 7:00 to 22:00.

One of the restrictions is to use special structures, if they need to be for a long time to collect, and then dismantle. In Sokolniki Park and Gorky can build a scene, platforms and speakers — it is not required by law.

Three days before the start of the rally, public meeting or demonstration at a site in the park, the organizer must inform the authorities of the city.

In addition to public events, and has been amended about pickets. Participants in these pickets should stand at a distance of 50 meters from each other, so as not to interfere. If the individual protesters are many and they are all in one place and have one organizer, then the organizer should be obliged to inform the authorities within three days of the picket.

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