Acute back pain

In back pain has many causes. It can be a variety of injuries in weight lifting, falls, blows. The cause of back pain can be a muscle spasm caused by the cold — in such cases we say "chilled back." But do not treat the pain lightly, as it can be a harbinger of serious violations occurring in the body — chronic diseases, inflammation, and even tumors.

The most common causes of acute back pain — is a muscular spasm or compression of the spinal cord nerves herniated intervertebral disc, or spines. Traction or stretching of the spine affects both the causes and promotes stretching of spastic muscles, unloading intervertebral disc release from compression of the nerve endings of the spinal cord.

Unfortunately, acute pain to get to the hospital rather difficult. For such cases Medical Center "Capital-Medikl" renders out a neurologist at the house. It offers you a quick and easy method of pain relief in the back — holding paravertebral blockade. This injection into the area, as close as possible to the sandwiched nerve roots. The composition includes injection as analgesics and drugs with therapeutic effect not only to eliminate the symptoms, but also affect the cause of the pain. This type of local therapy is well-established and well-deserved popularity in neurological practice.

Waiting for the doctor to lie down on the bed or on the floor, taking a comfortable position, which will facilitate pain. In the horizontal position of the load on the spine down several times. It is extremely harmful to yourself without a doctor's advice to use analgesics, anesthetics creams and balms: self-medication in this case is dangerous! Before the arrival of the doctor will have to wait a little longer.

Furthermore, a specialist neurologist will not only help get rid of the discomfort, but will be able to determine the most likely causes of pain. This is especially important when it comes to chronic disease, as usual, as soon as pain out, the patient tries to quickly get back to normal life and forget about the illness. Without an accurate diagnosis cause pain remains undiagnosed, and the disease can affect other organs, until the permanent loss of their functions. Therefore, you should take the time to go all the best course of investigation and treatment. This will help the body to fully recover and eliminate the recurrence and complications of the disease.

Acute back painFor each patient, doctors of the center "Capital-Medikl" make a plan of drug therapy, provide advice on compliance regime. If the pain was a symptom of a complex disease, you should think about continuing treatment in a medical facility, such as a rehabilitation center "Capital-Medikl." Here, with the help of special diagnostic equipment doctors to confirm or refine the diagnosis and be able to track the progress of treatment. For a speedy recovery in rehab applied by a professional massage, physical therapy, therapeutic exercise, and exercise on a specially developed simulators.

It also happens that in diseases of the back required surgery. However, such cases are relatively rare, and often they can be prevented with the help of time prescribed treatment. That is why in acute pain you should immediately consult a specialist.

The main thing — remember that back never hurts "just so". It is not necessary to self-medicate. Only the timely visit a doctor can help you save money and health!


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