Acute Bronchitis

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Sharp bronchitis— An acute inflammation of the bronchial mucosa. The main symptom is a cough. Predispose to disease hypothermia, upper respiratory tract infection, smoking, low immunity.

Acute Bronchitis caused by viruses, bacteria, at least — fungi, sometimes it develops under the influence of chemical factors (lacquers, paints, etc.).

The disease usually starts in the background of the common cold. There are unpleasant sensations in the chest, dry cough, feeling of weakness, fatigue, fever. In severe temperatures can be high, greater a general malaise, shortness of breath. Eventually cough becomes wet, begins to depart muco-purulent or purulent sputum.

Symptoms usually subside to3-4 day and with a favorable course to disappear completely7-10 Day. Untreated or lowered immunity course Acute bronchitis may be delayed and it can become a chronic or complicated pneumonia (inflammation of the lungs).

Diagnosis and treatment

The diagnosis of acute bronchitis is established physician or pulmonologist at the examination. To monitor the course of the disease the doctor prescribes a complete blood count, urinalysis. In some cases, you may need an x-ray of the chest, the study of respiratory function (spirogram).

Treatment should be under the supervision of a physician in order to prevent the development of pneumonia or move Acute Bronchitis a chronic, which is much harder to cure.

The main thing in the treatment of acute bronchitis — compliance with bed rest, regular intake of prescribed drugs, drinking plenty of fluids. In severe bronchitis treatment is carried out in the hospital.

For dry cough expectorants and apply inhalation of heated mineral water, a solution of baking soda, eucalyptus oil.

After recovering, it is desirable to carry out a course of breathing exercises to fully restore the function of the bronchial tubes.

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