Adjara during disasters


2.08.11.V Georgia if rain came down and got out of the river in the mountainous regions of Adjara. Affected villages, gorges Shalta Hihani, municipalities Fushrukauli, Hihadziri, Thilvani.

Sel blew bridges and roads in the area of Mount Bako. Landslide stopped car traffic to the village Thilvani, the river carried away the bridge. On Mount Sarichari landslide damaged homes. Lightning killed a few cows, than the material damage caused to local residents.

Local authorities have already begun to eliminate the consequences of the disaster.

The region visited Aug. 1, Deputy Chairman of the Georgian Parliament Anzor Bolkvadze, said the Georgian Parliament. He visited the municipalities affected by the disaster. Total Deputy Speaker visited 15 villages in the region, the "Georgia online per."

"Caucasian Knot" and previously wrote about the outburst floods in different parts of Georgia. July 25 in southern Georgia landslides caused by rains that damaged the bridge and several roads. Was paralyzed traffic on the section of the highway Aspindza — Vardzia. July 21 hailstorm hit seven villages Khulo district of Adjara and landslide damaged homes. Bridge was also destroyed and damaged roads. July 17 Tsalenjikha District of Georgia three rivers coming out of the banks as a result of heavy rain, demolished bridges, damaged roads and other infrastructure. On the same day as a result of floods and landslides in the Zugdidi and Tkibuli areas in western Georgia from the outside world were cut off three villages.


Source: Caucasian Knot

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