Africa: a volcanic eruption — a sign of rupture of the continent

One of the most active volcanoes in Africa Nyamuragira shows its power and continues to spew lava fountains of fire. Nearby tourists gather to enjoy the unusually impressive sight, writes

In East Africa, the elemental force of earth-shattering. Tourists admire the fiery spectacle in the Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Nyamuragira volcano erupts: from its crater emitted lava fountains are hundreds of feet tall. NASA satellite photo shows that he is a bleeding wound in the earth's crust. This is indicated by the red color in the photo — traces of fresh lava, old lava flows appear as dark bands.

There are signs of rupture of the continent over 6000 kilometers. In some places, the crust has already opened, and three kilometers from the volcano height for magma is possible to go from the ground. From the Red Sea to the southern part of Mozambique follows a series of volcanoes such as Nyamuragira.

The head of the department of tourism to national parks Kai Tenk Vilink reported that tourist camp is located one mile from the site of the eruption, it gives a good opportunity to see a picture of the eruption, and at the same time feel safe. This is a great opportunity to be close to an active volcano.

Nyamuragira is one of the most active volcanoes in Africa, its eruptions in the last few decades, mostly not harmful. Its lava, for the most part, watery and it flows freely. Strong emissions occur when a large number of cluster gas. Volcano is a 3000-meter high mountain, which is composed of solidified within a few million years lava.

Nyamuragira is located 25 kilometers north of Nyiragongo volcano, whose crater — it is a lake of lava. Geologists warn of the possibility of natural disasters such as what happened on January 17, 2002, when he threw the lava to a height of ten kilometers from the city of Goma, killing 170 people and about 120,000 homeless. For a city located near the volcano can be very dangerous.

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