Aftershocks will shake Japan ten years, decided to USGS

Aftershocks following the catastrophic earthquake that occurred in Japan on March 11, may occur for another ten years.

With such a forecast was made by fellow USGS geophysicist Ross Stein.

"In all probability, it may take about ten years before the series of tremors stopped," — said Stein, who worked on the study, led by Professor Shinji Toda of Kyoto University in collaboration with other Japanese scientists.

"Tokyo will have to remain on guard for years to come. No one should think that after a few weeks or months, it's over "- quoted Stein agency Kyodo.

According to the authors of publications, a strong earthquake of magnitude 9.0 and fluctuations breeds increased pressures on the Japan Trench, located in the western part of the Pacific Ocean along the eastern edge of the island of Honshu. This suggests that the aftershocks will be repeated to the north and south of the main chamber, is in the immediate vicinity of the Tohoku region, the scientists reported.


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