Akimov area over Hurricane

September 8 in the evening over with. Novodanilovka (Akimov district) hurricane. In any case, eyewitnesses say about continuous lightning and strong winds that blew from all sides at once, breaking trees, arches, courtyards, shot with slate roofs and gables broken homes.
d st. New in Novodanilovke really strong wind swept, — said deputy district department MOE Maxim Akimov stung. — Fortunately, no casualties.

According to the deputy head of the State Administration Sergey Akimov Starodumova from the storm damaged 14 houses and two-story "Teachers' house and stores the two companies. Now Novodanilovke works committee, which assesses the damage the weather. According to preliminary calculations, disaster will cost about 70 thousand UAH.

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