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In Dalnegorsk area each year are recorded several meetings with UFO


July 26 last year Kavalerovsky programmer Alexander B. resting on the sea coast in the South Bay area Ol'ginsky area under s. Timothy. Just where not long ago wanted to build nuclear power plants. Happy decided to photograph the natural beauty. I photographed with a digital camera. Imagine his surprise when he returned, he saw on the computer screen are two UFOs. One larger — is clearly visible. Second, flying lower, over the water, the difference if much larger image. But visually the day Alexander and the other campers did not notice anything abnormal, even though the sky was clear. He shared photos with the famous ufologist Dalnegorsky, seaside "historian" anomalous phenomena Valery Brier.

Wheels and cigars

Using a special computer program Brier found out that the top object with a diameter of 100 to 200 m was cigar-shaped and moving at a speed of 2-3 times the speed of a jet plane. Therefore, the image of his fuzzy, blurry. He was at an altitude of 100 m above the bay, and a second, lower, was a disc-shaped, it was equal to the diameter of a few tens of meters, and he was flying at an angle and low over the water, about 10 meters from the sea surface. Object sizes calculated by comparing them with the height of trees growing on the banks of the bay. Both UFO apparently appeared from the sea and heading for Dal'negorsk. Somewhere near the site of the accident is radar, but radar can not lock objects flying low over the water and the relief of the envelope. And unnoticed by tourists, they were due to the high speed and low noise movement. Our eyes do not always perceive something moving with great speed.

Dal'negorsk rightly considered a UFO mecca Primorye after famous is not the disaster, not a UFO landing on the hill height, 611 in 1986 is often watched every damn thing. And will report the Brier. So, in July of last year student from Vladivostok Ulyana of Nureyev brought him unusual "souvenir", found on the coast, in the Bay of Langou between the heater and the jetties Dalnegorsky Ore District — rust-colored stone the size of a matchbox, inside of which is not something that gurgled , not rolling over. Valery tried to drill a hole in the stone — did not work. I had to cut it with a diamond saw. Inside the shell of cemented sand grains was teardrop shaped stone (pictured). Series of tests, in particular, a structural analysis using a computer connected to the X-ray apparatus, possible to conclude that a meteorite containing 94% iron, 5% nickel and 1% of other impurities. Clearly visible on the sample regmaglypts — pits formed on the metal and stone meteorites from entry into the dense layers of the atmosphere.

— As a meteorite found in the shell of compressed sand? Very simple — says Brier. — Hot, melting meteorite fell on the sandy shore and the "glue" the sand around him. In the shell we have seen under the microscope, even a piece of sea urchin needles. Most interesting is that the analysis of the shell within it discovered a previously unknown mineral — magnesium hydroxide, nickel and iron. He could emerge as a result of exposure to heat, sea water at the time of whack. This is an interesting finding, still meteorites ever found on the coast of the sea in such a strange shell … Half of the sample remained in Uliana Nurieva, half in my possession …

Flying Pyramids

December 30, 2003, on the eve of the New Year, a resident of Dalnegorsk Alexei Kolesnikov was returning to his hometown of Spassky, carrying relatives. Not far from the pass to the Crimson Chuguyivske area saw a nearby hill glowing UFO pyramid, triangular in shape. The base of the pyramid was equal to 5.8 meters. When the car pulled up to the pass, the UFO rose above the hills, and Alex noticed that under the pyramid every 2-3 seconds was flashing strobe light bluish color. Before the object was about 200 meters. He flew towards the bustling section. Kolesnikov has included a headlight and began to beat the flashing beacon flashing lights, drawing attention to the "stranger." He responded immediately: turned to the car. When the pyramid closer to the car for 70 meters, the women who were in the cabin, screamed in horror and demanded an end to the experiment. Alexei turned off the lights, pulled up, lit a cigarette. UFO again turned noisy. At the same time, over the hills rose another pyramid with a flashing light, a melted in the direction of the item Lower Meadows. She Kolesnikov is not "wink".

Another UFO with "flashing lights" were observed at 3 am January 18, 2004 sailors from the tanker "Fokino" standing in the Ore Pier Dalnegorsky area under the strain. The entire crew, armed with binoculars, watching a ball-like object reddish-orange in color, hovering in the 3-4 km from the coastal strip between the marina and the Ore Kamenka. Separated from the object red point of light, quick access to nearby mountains. Under the ball of the same blinking beacon blue-bluish color.

Blue balls

January 21 this year at 23.30 pm on the settlement area Serzhantova Dalnegorsky a loud roar. The weather was nasty, the sky is overcast. Witnesses said that the clouds suddenly lit up a bright light from the source of light on earth descended bluish glowing ball the size of a soccer ball. He went down to a height of 1.5-2 m above the ground and began to fly through the streets, "looking" in the windows of the houses directed light beam width of 70 cm, a scan from within the apartment. Object as if searching for something. Ball saw the girls schoolgirl and adults.

Pensioner Valentina PALVINSKAYA just at that time went to bed. And notice that the street side, where the day is something almost no cars go through a window in the apartment entered a bright, bluish-white beam of light and slow for 6 seconds "walked" across the room. She looked out the window to see where the light comes, but the beam is already "dropped in" to another window. Again scanned the room — and disappeared.

On the same night, 5 km from Serzhantova in paragraph Monomakh, sixth grade of the local boarding school Nastya Shanin excused myself from the disco, he ran for a moment in his dorm room. The girl was scared when the same beam and probed her room … At first glance, the phenomenon is similar to a fireball. But they are more common in the south of Primorye, also in winter they do not normally see. For a fireball unusual emit any radiation. She "lives" seconds, maximum — a minute. And this phenomenon is observed for 10-20 minutes …

Over Serzhantova not appear for the first time flying "saucer", last year in the winter over the village saw a large reddish-yellow ball the size of a full moon. Separated from him two balls, one gone in the direction of the village, the other — a forest.

What he looks for in a far country?

What is so attracted UFO Dal'negorsk? .. The interest of fellow human beings in this seaside town and its surroundings two conductor Valery explains the abundance of polymetallic deposits and the presence of large crustal faults, dissecting Dal'negorsk two: it begins in the Sea of Japan and the end is almost in the middle of the Sikhote-Alin mountain range. All faults are anomalous geophysical characteristics to produce a field that can be captured with the help of special equipment. Can they produce and unusual atmospheric phenomena — to cause glow appearance plasmoid — plasma formations. But not the material objects in the form of balls, pyramids, disks, or cigars.

Brier hypothesis: UFO interest to Dalnegorsky may be caused by faults is the earth's crust — the aliens are using them as a kind of grid coordinates, as a map for the movement of the planet, similar to how a person uses the parallels and meridians …


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