Aliens. Destination — Moon

"We have a lot of facts collected by trustworthy people. These facts prove the presence of any sentient beings interfere in our lives. "

Konstantin Tsiolkovsky

Frank Drake, President of SETI — Organization for Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence — derived a formula according to which only our galaxy, the Milky Way may be between 10,000 and 100,000 of intelligent civilizations. Could it be that this list can get the aliens living right under our noses — that is, on the Moon, a satellite of our planet?

The sensational book by George Leonard

Lift the curtain of secrecy to the single satellite of our planet could sensational book by George Leonard titled "Our moon is someone else" and subtitled "discover the amazing facts of intelligent life on the Moon," which was released in the UK in 1977 What the author decided to write this the book? Unknown. It is possible that George Leonard — is a pseudonym, but in any case, he was close enough to NASA because it was able to gain access to top secret information: thirty five photos, each of which is accompanied by a code number by NASA, the opinions of experts and an extensive bibliography say that the National Agency for Astronautics and many prestigious scientists for many years know that the moon was discovered signs of intelligent life. It can be assumed that the book — a simple misinformation to calm curious head by the "like cures like." However, further developments are difficult to explain to normal: First, in response to the publication of unknown or denials, no discussion, not even any comments, and secondly, she hits the audacity website, because in reference to the photographs he cites address NASA where, according to him, he made copies, and thirdly, the entire print run of sensational books instantly vanished from the shelves. Attempt to extend the second edition also failed. Preserved only in isolated instances that are taken abroad, including in the former Soviet Union. The same fate awaited and other publications on the subject, including "Alien base on the moon" Fred Steklinga.

Puzzling phenomena of light on the surface of the moon

Unexplained phenomena occurring in the surface of the moon or vrelozle it for many hundreds of years by now reached an impressive list. It would seem that any object as a satellite of our planet is not humanity must learn was already far and wide! The spacecraft can travel a distance of 384,000 km, which takes us away from the Moon, less than three days. What can there be a secret, because people are already more than half a century trigger probes there? An no, the number of secrets over the past decade have not diminished. Rather, it only increased.

There are special services that detect transient lunar phenomena (CSL). But the study of the moon people are engaged in a long time: in the second century BC, Hipparchus expressed relative to the satellite, after four centuries — Claudius Ptolemy. To the list of investigators can safely add Heraclitus, Aristotle, E. Halley, William H. Pickering, J. E. Luvillya, J. Schroeter, C. Messier, J. Klassen and many others.

May 3, 1715, in Paris watching a solar eclipse, astronomer E. Luvill noticed at the western edge of the moon some flash: "… These flashes of light were very short-lived and appeared in one and then in another place …". Of course, we can assume that on the background of the moon observed meteors are burned in the atmosphere, if the same outbreak in the same region of the moon were not detected E. Halley, who observed them in the British Isles. Compiled catalog of nebulae, star clusters and galaxies Session in the 1783 freeze a glow in the center of the lunar disk, and in October 1789 stunned Schroeter saw two clusters crossed the Sea of Rains. The astronomer William Herschel during one of the total lunar eclipse occurs about 150 points of light, as if that were scattered on the surface of the moon. After there was a real surge of interest in astronomical satellite of our planet, as the nature and form of flickering formed luminous formations look too artificial. For example, in April 1871 in the vicinity of the crater Plato was recorded 1,600 light phenomena. In 1887, in the same field observed a glowing triangle and a lot of bright spots, to fly back to Plato from other craters. What was it? A kind of "disco" UFO?

In the book, the researcher planets II Schroeter "Fragments of the lunar topography for a more precise knowledge of the lunar surface" contains another interesting fact. An astronomer says that at the center of the moon, he saw the flash, consisting of a plurality of single small spark that moved in a straight line to the north. "When this light rain passed half way, like a flash of light appeared in the South exactly on the same place … The second outbreak was exactly the same as the first, it consisted of such small sparks that flashed off in the same direction to the north" — says astronomer. To explain this phenomenon modern scholars find it difficult to fall of meteorites.

Another fact: the United States and South Africa September 27, 1881 was seen a "comet-like" object that passed through the lunar disk. But often moving objects is also recorded in the Seas of Crises and Tranquility. In the latter case 1964 seen at least four times the light or dark spots, which are moved in a few tens of hours and hundreds of kilometers. 11 September 1967 for 8-9 seconds, scientists from Canada saw a dark triangular patch with purple edges. Thirteen minutes around the crater Sabine an outbreak of yellow light, as if a response signal. After 20 days, there was observed a yellow spot, which was moving at a speed of 80 km / h After a year and a half, "Apollo 11" finds it partially melted off the ground.

"X-drones" and structure. Another civilization in our neighborhood.

March 21, 1996 in Washington, DC, at the National Press Club hosted a conference that has been controversial in the scientific, political and military circles. The international community has been demonstrated cosmic pictures of the moon, captured a variety of triangular, rectangular, pentagonal and other forms ruinopodobnye structure. The picture portrayed LO-84M "shpileobraznuyu Tower" height of about 10 km away! Photos taken with "Apollo 10" — in particular, the picture A5 10-32-4822 — recorded seven-mile "cube" and "Castle." Geologists could not find a scientific explanation of the structure shown in the photo.

The official NASA spokesman responded to the evidence with skepticism, if not with a huge annoyance. K. Johnston, a former NASA employee, and D. Tettse, a former NASA photo equipment, reported on the policy constraints of the National Agency for the United States Astronautics information regarding the opening of the broad masses of the satellite of our planet.

The story began with the photographs a little earlier, namely in 1994, when the U.S. military space station "Clementine" to the earth more than two million images of the lunar surface. Resolution images is striking in its detail — 10-30 m in different parts of the moon revealed ruinopodobnye structure. For example, stenopodobnye rolls and dips rectangular fixed on the bottom of the crater Shomberger. The conclusion is clear, because the environment is somewhat similar to the ancient city. In the area of the north pole of the moon discovered "small town" — diameter of about 1 km — the structure of which very much looks like the right radial concentric network. Registered strange "wheel" with a 5-ray "star" in the center with an adjoining bars shafts. In the same area visible rectangular, smooth and reduced to a few meters below the surrounding terrain strip. They are also strikingly symmetrical pattern. Most of all, they resemble runways of airfields earth.

But even without the above affects the way the following facts. The pictures are clearly visible numerous mechanisms that George Leonard called "X-drones" because of its shape they resemble the letter "X". On the back side of the moon these huge devices (dimensions are 1. 5 — 5 km) create dust clouds and jet-like something a sputtering process. Why are they there? One can only guess. According to the most popular belief (among the options a search of raw materials, construction, removal of defects in the crust of the moon, the archaeological task, etc.), "X-drones" recycle soil to extract gas for artificial atmosphere. Scientists estimate that 5 tons of rock can get almost 2. 5 tons of oxygen — one earthling, for example, that's enough for two whole years! In other words, someone carries out mining operations on the moon (it's worth noting that the surface of the seas of the moon is rich in titanium, iron and radioactive elements).


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