America became a tornado on an epic scale

At least 45 people were killed in dozens of tornadoes that occurred last week in the south-eastern United States. According to AP, disaster victims were residents of six states. Hardest hit North Carolina in more than 100 recorded 60 tornadoes were spotted in its territory.

Tornadoes are not uncommon for the U.S. — such phenomena occur here regularly. But that happened last week, according to witnesses, was beyond the usual manifestations of nature. Meteorologist channel CNN, got acquainted with the consequences of a tornado in North Carolina, called it "epic."

Witnesses say that some people in the path of tornadoes, were saved by a miracle. Thus, a resident of Virginia, Christie Matthews survived, despite the fact that a tornado swept her mobile home, which is caught in the trees and in the fall was almost destroyed. Christy Matthews with two broken vertebrae, and her two children escaped with scratches.

The cause of such a large number of tornadoes was a powerful storm front, from April 14 tornadoes evoked in its path. It gave rise to a tornado destroyed homes, carried off cars and cattle, trees pulled out by the roots. Told journalists resident miraculously escaped most affected by the disaster district blade in North Carolina, which took place during a tornado looks like a scene from "The Wizard of Oz," which the main character with the house takes a magical edge tornado.

Last Saturday, took second place in the state's history on the number of deaths from tornadoes. On this day in North Carolina, killing 23 people. The absolute record was set in 1984, when 21 passed through the territory of the state of a tornado killed 42 people.

Increased to 43 the number of victims of a powerful cyclone, cover the end of the week the south-eastern United States. Bad weather was the cause of more than 100 tornadoes and lightning storms that struck the heavy rain and hail.

Storm Front, which was formed as early as Thursday evening to Sunday evening stretches from Oklahoma to North Carolina and Virginia.

The strongest impact of elements occurred in North Carolina, where it was reported the formation of 62 tornadoes. If confirmed, the current storm will be the strongest in the state over the last twenty years. As the official representative of the local authorities Zee Lamb, in Bertie County alone killed 11 people, the total number of victims in the state has risen to 18.

The governors of the region do not yet have even approximate figures for the damage done by the bad weather, but according to preliminary estimates, it will amount to billions of dollars.

On the territory of many states, including Virginia, Oklahoma, Alabama and North Carolina, introduced a state of emergency. Millions of people were left without electricity and destroyed hundreds of homes. The approximation of a powerful cyclone was announced in advance, but high winds and tornadoes hit the towns of the night when people are asleep.

Reports of the first victims of the disaster began to come on Thursday night from Oklahoma. Then cyclone also passed through the territories of Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia. The last in the path of the storm front was Virginia, where on Sunday confirmed the death of four people. Echoes of the elements have come and to the State of New Jersey, in which about an hour ago it was announced a warning about the threat of flooding.

According to unconfirmed reports, the number of tornadoes that occurred in eight states, has exceeded 116, according to ITAR-TASS. On average, each year in the United States from tornadoes kill about 70 people. The strongest impact of elements fell on April 3-4, 1974, when 13 U.S. states were formed 148 tornadoes that killed 307 people.

America — on the line. The country will not let the most powerful tornado. Giant crater sweep away everything in its path. We already know the 45 victims, twice as many people affected, thousands — no light. Tornadoes, frayed half of America, becoming so rampant that states one by one introduced a state of emergency.

A nightmare that lasted 3 days and seemed to never end. A series of powerful tornadoes that began on Thursday evening, at the end of the week captured almost all the states in the south-eastern United States. First, Oklahoma and then Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia. Despite the fact that the population of these States of the impending disaster, the death toll in the tens.

Cyclone storm was the cause of more than a hundred tornadoes and lightning storms. According to witnesses, it happened so quickly that I got used to the local residents of the nature, do not have time to get oriented. The worst thing is that the high winds and tornadoes fell upon the towns of the night when people are asleep. The strength of the tornado tore the house with foundations, juggled cars, trees, and poured a power pole — to survive in such a slaughter was nearly impossible.

The strongest impact of elements occurred in North Carolina, the state governor declared a state of emergency, as did the power of Oklahoma, Alabama and Virginia. Monitoring Service of North Carolina recorded 62 tornado there, this is the strongest storm recorded in this region over the last quarter century. The scale of the tragedy is still too early to say for sure, but the damage, of course, enormous. Destroyed more than 460 homes, more than 250,000 people remained without electricity, and the hope that they will get it soon, is unlikely. Energy companies report that a tornado just swept about 30 transmission substations, to restore them have at least a few days.

Since its revelry of elements of power recorded occurrence of more than 240 tornadoes, emergency services from the affected areas were not ready for such a shock.

Hurricane hurt and Virginia, here marked the death of seven people. At the local nuclear plant Believe Surrey, south-east of the state, just before the time the storm triggered automatic power outage, but backup generator did not break the process, and no radiation leaks, officials said, did not happen. Washington tornado was the party moved up to the front of the State of New Jersey and New York, where he declared a storm warning and the threat of flooding.

Source: The first channel

The U.S. search for survivors after a tornado

Photo: EPA
The approximation of the cyclone was known in advance, but many people, high winds and tornadoes caught sleeping in their homes (VIDEO)

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For the last three days in the United States noted the appearance of 240 tornadoes. True, meteorologists say that information about them could be duplicated. On Thursday, there were 22 tornadoes, Friday — 100, and on Saturday 63. Elements continued to rage and Sunday. Hardest-hit southern, central and eastern parts of the country. Tornadoes are the result of a powerful cyclone. Killed at least 45 people.

Photoblog: U.S. arms tornado

The storm began Thursday in Oklahoma, then went through the states of Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia. The cyclone caused extensive damage to Oklahoma, Arkansas and Alabama. Wind speed in some tornadoes exceed 250 miles per hour. Reported the broken roofs off houses, uprooted trees, damaged cars and trailers. Remained without electricity, thousands of homes in the U.S. south. In Alabama, a state of emergency.

On Saturday night, a tornado raged in South Carolina and North Carolina. In North Carolina alone, there were 62 tornadoes killed 21 people — more than in any other of the affected states.

Governor of this state Beverly Perdue said that such amount was not a tornado in 1984.

The approximation of a powerful cyclone was known in advance, but many people, high winds and tornadoes caught sleeping in their homes.

On Sunday the storm front moved eastward to the District of Columbia and Virginia. Wind brought a hailstorm. Currently the cyclone continues to move in the Atlantic Ocean.

Meanwhile, rescuers search for survivors under the rubble after a disaster.

On average, each year in the United States from tornadoes kill about 70 people. The strongest impact of elements fell on April 3-4, 1974, when 13 U.S. states were formed 148 tornadoes, killing 307 people.

According to RIA Novosti and ITAR-TASS.

U.S. seen such rampant disaster a quarter-century

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