America got back from the elements

Rare natural phenomenon fixed camera in Hawaii. Two identical waterspout appeared near the airport of Honolulu and moved about an hour along the coast, and then disappeared without doing harm.

Water tornadoes weaker ground. In part, they consist of cumulus clouds and the diameter of the crater and the speed they have less. NTV reminds all the destructive force of tornadoes in the U.S. experienced the end of April, while the southern states to record a series of tornadoes swept — more than 300 in two days.

All week in the region did not stop the rains, which led to the rise of the water level in the largest river of America — Mississippi. Before, to save them from flooding several towns, military engineers blew up part of the dam Missouri. Dam protecting farmland sacrifice had about fifty acres. It is expected now that the water level should be back to normal.

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