Americans fear the flood of their cities

Americans are seriously concerned about the possibility of flooding as a result of their cities raising the water level in seas and oceans due to global warming on our planet. Today, more than 4 million people in the United States from Los Angeles to the East Coast live in homes that can be flooded due to the onset of the ocean, soobschaetAssociated Press.

According to experts, the highest risk flood prone residents of American cities like Florida, Louisiana and New York. New York, which were previously considered not susceptible to flooding, according to the calculations of experts today can also be seriously affected by rising water levels in the ocean. In the largest city in the U.S. under threat of flooding may be 141,000 people. New Orleans Ocean "threatened" 284 thousand people, and in South Florida — more than 312 thousand inhabitants.

All in all, the list of cities that threatened flooding due to rising sea levels due to global warming, appear 500 settlements of various sizes. This list includes only those cities in which at least 10% of the population at risk from flooding.

It should be noted that today, because of a warming world and the melting of glaciers, permafrost and ice and icebergs in the Arctic and Antarctic water level in the oceans is increasing rapidly. For example, from 1880 to the present sea level has risen by more than 20 centimeters. In coming years, scientists predict even more rapid growth of the ocean.

ECOportal already talked about that hanging in sea level due to global warming may lead to the fact that the whole country can go under water. Their governments are now concerned to relocate its citizens in the event of flooding of their territories. Today, the greatest danger is such a small island nations like the Maldives and Kiribati. By 2050 these countries, islands that rise above the sea level is not more than 1.5 meters, can completely submerge …

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