An unusual case of a war

Winter 44th. Late in the evening.
Office a day walking through the forest. To the town, where the men are, left 15-20 km.
But the night of the nose. In the forest / field of sleep not hunt. Watch found in a forest clearing "the barn." Inspected the — like, order. Abandoned, no one is used. Chest of drawers decided to spend the night in it.

An unusual case of a war

Dined not spreading fire (not a lot of it!) Appointed outfit, went to bed. Outfit decided to throw inside — outside will take the snow will be, but here, if anything, hear, will have time to prepare. Lights out …

After a while the attendant shakes chest — Commander, someone's here!
Not realized. Who? Where?
The attendant explains. As everyone settled down, creaking snow outside. As if someone is coming. In the crack doors no one in sight. Later it was heard that someone is going around the barn. Now, listen to me! …

Indeed, we could hear the creaking snow — like who goes.
Like, one. Hmm. How will the door, jump out. There — the incidents … Come on!
Pushing open the door, jumped out, ran away. Around the already winter night. Quiet. No one. Hmm. Turn up traces — no. Nothing.
Damn, I went to bed. If that again wake. Chest of drawers fell asleep.

After a while on duty again heard the crunch of the snow, as if someone is coming. Pushes commander — again! He swore under his breath and listened. Squeaks, you dog! Must be solved radically — office, climb! (Almost in a whisper.) The fighters simultaneously and silently awakened subconsciously checked gun. Chest of drawers sure everything is OK. To battle! Outside, there is someone. From the sound — on the left. We leave, become spread, act on the environment. Come on!

Department jumped out of the barn, scattered, lay. Night. Winter. Quiet. No one. Shopipets! Explored the whole field — no traces. Examined the wall, barn roof — nothing.

Department gathered in the barn. Discussions are. Here someone says — the sound of footsteps outside! All froze. Someone calmly walked along the wall of the shed. The commander raised his hand — get ready! The steps creaked and squeaked. We got to the door. Someone pulled the handle doors. Again. Later pulled out of their way — could be heard, that pen could not stand it came off. And here came the roar strshny. The fighters on the team rushed out …

No one. In the steel barrel near the door handle found severed. And — no trace! Up in the morning all were sitting and waiting, "guest", without parting with a gun. But no one came.

With the dawn of office came to the fore. Breakfast decided "on the spot", so as not to spoil your appetite)))

On arrival "on the spot" reported "who need it." No trace, not counting the soldiers left, was found. Yes, the door pen lying in a barrel at doors. Yeah, get her out the door it was hard, but it is not within the competence of the "organs".

Here's a bike. I told her two of those who were there — one of the last fighter and a chest of drawers. Why do I remember this story? Since no one was frightened unusual situation. Men just took the gun and went to look "as appropriate." Kick-Ass, do not fear! That's the same train, was a generation! I bow down.

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