And if they arrive tomorrow?




Last week the world community stirred the video footage made by Air Force pilots Mexico on March 5 but made public only now. On the tape can be seen glowing sphere (the pilots say they were 11) that hover in the sky around the patrol aircraft, and then disappearing into the clouds. According to the pilots, "contact" lasted about 15 minutes, after which the UFO suddenly disappeared.

In the TV report, devoted to this incident, the most interesting was the tone of comments. Seriously, the spirit of "they are already among us." By itself the question arises: is willing in principle to the world community to the contact with an extraterrestrial civilization, if it suddenly happen tomorrow? As part of an international program SETI (at the Russian abbreviation means "search for extraterrestrial intelligence") signed an agreement "On actions in case of detection of extraterrestrial intelligence." This is a guide of 9 items that explained what to do amateur astronomer or a research institute at the capture of the signal from the "brothers in mind." For example: "There is no response to a signal or other evidence of extraterrestrial intelligence could not be sent to the ad hoc international consultations". In addition, there are recommendations for the issuance of public information and the Secretary General of the UN. But there are no international agreements about direct contact is not provided. And what if the "little green men" descend suddenly, no one knows. Moreover, there is every reason to believe that they will arrange an unfriendly reception. And, rather than hold a press conference to cover the summit of civilizations, "fellow human beings" was taken to a hangar or some secret clinic. Already at this point the special services for certain instructions are available.


AIF 20.2004

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