Animals brutalized?

"Recently the residents of a small Filipino village surrendered to the zoo a giant 6.4-meter crocodile, who had terrorized them for several years, attacking people out of the bushes, frightening, maiming, killing. Statistics says: annually from attacks of wild animals on the planet killed several thousand people. And it is in our man-made century: Some like PE would look almost anecdotal, if not for self-mutilation.

Almost by Hitchcock

In the spring of tourists vacationing on the beaches of Egypt, were massive shark attack. St. Petersburg man robbed one predator hands and both feet. A resident of the Moscow region Golyanovo was attacked by crows. Two birds distracting published this morning out of the house, women, and the third sat down on her head and repeatedly punched in the benevolent. Fortunately, the victim's skull was strong, and she was seriously injured. Now the lady except under open umbrella to go out of the house is not at risk. In Orel region some time ago there were several cases of attacks … beavers. Siesta family from the German city Espelkamp broke wild boar broke into the house. Zaprygnuv the marital bed, an animal bite 71-year-old owner and at full speed out of sight. As written in the report arrived at the scene the police: "During the commission of the crime boar really behaved like a criminal and a pig." But in the African Malawi 11 people, including five children, drowned when the boat in which they were returning to their village from the market, was attacked by a hippopotamus. Behemoth turned pot, and then began a fierce kind of heat fallen in water accidents. In another African country — South Africa — python attacked a local 10-year-old boy and in front of horrified friends swallowed it. , Told the 11-year-old friend of the victim, "a python wrapped accident, pinning his arms to the body, and pressed him harder, until he lost consciousness and did not put his head back. Then the snake opened her mouth and began to swallow it all at once, starting with the head. " Within 3 hours the children silently watched the horrible feast unable to move from place to call for help.

Teeth instead of hands

What drives livestock to such extreme action? "The first reason attack — protection of offspring, — explained to us zoologist Ivan Pyryev, because in. n. — Driven by animal instinct of procreation, even the smallest, is capable of any inappropriate behavior. This apparently was the case with the crows. Sometimes cross the face of a reasonable animal causes extreme hunger. For example, the colder the winter, the more we learn about the attacks. Another reason — illness. This is exactly what happened with the Oryol beavers, which struck mad. Sometimes the man himself provokes aggression against itself by invading the animal. During the Second World War, the number of dead in the jaws of sharks were hundreds — plying back and forth warships repeatedly got into trouble. In 1942, 1,000 passengers sunk by a German submarine passenger ship only 192 survived, the others killed the shark. Well, the simplest reason — curiosity. For example, shark, limbless with sensitive fingers, such as the hands or feet, she uses the only available way to study — the bite. Relatively bony man has no idea of the shark interest as a food, they need a huge amount of energy, which means that much more delicious snack for them with bold seal or dolphin.

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