Another batch of buffalo came to their historical homeland

According to the Minister of Nature Protection Vladimir Grigoryev, within the framework of the state program "Environmental Protection of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)" resettlement of wood bison in Yakutia due to the revival of the buffalo in their historic homeland. As we know, in Yakutia, scientists have found the skull of an ancient bison, who lived in the area of 20-30 thousand years ago. In general, the relocation of animals in other habitats — is quite common method of saving endangered species. Currently, forest buffalo found only in Canada, there are about four thousand. In order to maintain this kind of Yakutia has been very active. To date, the resettlement of bison in the harsh climatic conditions of the republic is successful enough proof of that could be the fact that the bison, who grew up in Yakutia is much larger and more powerful than their Canadian counterparts. Director bizonariya "Ust-Buotama" Simon Yegorov admitted that feed and living conditions of buffalo paid much attention."In Canada, a completely different food from buffalo. We have brought to the study of a piece of extruded green hay they were fed. Here we have another hay in its composition, and therefore the animals broken microbiocaenosis in connection with which there may be cases of dysbiosis. In order to protect them from various diseases, we have developed a prebiotic — sahabaktisubtil, who give them to improve digestion " — he said.

Canadian bison, which brought in Yakutia as 8 months. In about a month they will be quarantined in Ust-Buotama before being transported to bizonary "Tympynay" Mountain district.

The Minister Vladimir Grigoriev in his interview said that in the future plan to increase the number of bizonariev in Yakutia. And it will soon be looking for a place to build a third bizonariya.

He also expressed the hope that by 2020 the number of wood bison in the country will be increased to 500. According to experts, already in 2015 a herd of buffalo in the republic exceeds 240 goals.

Recall that in 2006 in Yakutia first brought a herd of 30 wood bison (15 young males and females) from Elk Island nature reserve, donated by the Government of Canada. In 2011 was introduced the second batch of animals in the number of 30 goals. Just at the moment the number of bison in Yakutia was supplemented by another 30 goals. Those animals that were brought here before, have already produced more than 30 heads of offspring.

It would seem, bison — Rare, Red Book animals. Why did the Government of Canada to give away these beauties? The answer is very simple — to save the species. The population of wood bison preserved only in Canada. If there is suddenly an epidemic breaks out, rare animals could easily be on the verge of extinction. To avoid this, the Canadian government transfers to other countries, including Russia, bison free of charge.


Bison — the closest relative of the bison. Externally, it is very similar to the bison, but even more because of the massive low-set head and especially the thick and long hair covering his head, neck, shoulders, hump and partly front legs. Bison hair reaches a length of 50 cm and forms a continuous tangled mane, almost covering his eyes and hung from the chin and throat in the form of a long shaggy beard. Buffalo horns short form reminiscent of a bison horn, but typically dull.

Weight of adult bison reaches tons. The longevity of bison 20-25. Natural enemies of predators had virtually no, and only calves so deep elderly victims of wolves. Ghosn at the buffalo comes in May and lasts until September. Pregnancy as bison, lasts about 9 months.

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