Another batch of the C-400 will place on the borders of the Russian Federation

MOSCOW, Feb. 13 — RIA Novosti. Several new anti-aircraft missile systems (ADMS) S-400 "Triumph" this year will be deployed in coastal and border areas of the country, RIA Novosti said the Russian Air Force Commander Alexander Zelin said.

Earlier, Commander of the Baltic Fleet, Vice-Admiral Viktor Chirkov Defense Ministry announced plans to place in April of this year, the S-400 in the Kaliningrad region.

"This year is expected to flow to the troops several sets of S-400" Triumph ". Unlike previous years, this year, these systems will go to the military units stationed not in the suburbs, and in coastal and border areas," — said Zelin . What exactly are the regions have in mind, he did not elaborate.

Leveling-400 on alert air defense plan in 2012 after the deployment of anti-aircraft missile systems in permanent dislocation.

In early February, the head of "Rosoboronexport" Anatoly Isaykin declared that "by 2015 all production of the C-400 will work in the interests of Russia," and these complexes abroad will not be delivered. And even Russian allies Belarus and Kazakhstan will these new systems only after they have fully equip the Russian missile-defense system.

Russian Army currently has two S-400 regiments, both stationed in Moscow (in Elektrostal and Dmitrov). Delivery of the third and fourth complexes is expected in 2012.

"Triumph" (C-400 (the original name of the C-300PM3)) — Russia's anti-missile system is a large and medium-range air defense missile system of the new generation. Designed to engage all current and future air and space attack — reconnaissance aircraft, aircraft of strategic and tactical aircraft, tactical and operational-tactical ballistic missiles, medium-range ballistic missiles, hypersonic targets, jammers, radar surveillance aircraft and guidance, and others. Each AAMS provides simultaneous firing of up to 36 targets with guided them to 72 missiles.

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