Another failure in the karst countryside Chud

Likelihood of re-collapse of karst formations in the village Monakovo — 90%. To such conclusion experts to explore a new failure in the village Chud.

Sinkhole, 95, born, there comes very close to the houses. And on the eve of the land fell by a few meters. The head of the social movement, "No nuclear power plant in Monakovo" together with scientists of the University of Murom down to the bottom of the funnel. Even a cursory examination, it became clear — the formation of karst in the area continues.

BASIL VAHLYAEV, HEAD OF SOCIAL MOVEMENTS "NO NPP In Monakova": "In the case of the deployment of such a large-scale construction, like nuclear power plants, the load on the ground increases. Accordingly, the increase in the number of failures. We know the situation with Rovenskoy plant, which was still in the Soviet years. Where more than one hundred craters formed during construction. And billions of rubles were spent to pause karst. This situation is at 90% again. Because karst — insidious and not fully understood. And so lightly to fit this area, we believe that it is unreasonable. "

Anton Filinov

STRC "Vladimir"

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