Another Mi-26 for the Russian Air Force made its first flight


  • The first flight of the Mi-26 (serial number 32-04)
  • The first flight of the Mi-26 (serial number 32-04)

December 4, 2012 in Rostov-on-Don, made its first flight the next finished construction on "Rostvertol" a new heavy transport helicopter Mi-26 (serial number 32-04) for the Ministry of Defense of Russia. This helicopter was the sixth built on "Rostvertol" for the Russian Air Force in 2012, and the tenth, built in 2010 under contract with the Ministry of Defense to supply 18 Mi-26 (the first four cars under the contract "Rostvertol" passed the War Department in 2011 year).

Of the 32 helicopters series built on "Rostvertol" machine with serial number 32-01 (tail number "07 blue", serial number 34001212631) first flew September 6, 2012, a car with serial number 32-02 (tail number "Blue 08", serial number 34001212632) — November 6, and the machine serial number 32-03 (serial number 34001212633) — 29 November. All of these helicopters are intended for the Russian Air Force.

According to available information, the only "Rostvertol" in 2012 will be built 52 types of helicopter Mi-26, Mi-28N and Mi-35 for all customers.

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