Another outbreak of African swine fever was detected in the Tver region

A new outbreak of African swine fever (ASF) was detected in the Tver region, the report said Rosselkhoznadzor.

"In the study of samples of pathological material, selected from two dead and one shoot in Rameshkovskogo region Tver region wild boar isolated the genetic material of the virus of African swine fever", — the report says.

The latest wave of outbreaks in the Tver region began in May of this year. Since that time new sources are identified as ASF in domestic pigs and wild boars of.

In addition, similar outbreaks have been reported in 14 regions of Russia.

Agriculture Minister Nikolai Fyodorov July 6 sent the governor of Tver region Andrei Shevelyov letter expressed grave concern at the deteriorating situation in the region with the ASF.

Rosselkhoznadzor Thursday noted that he considered inadequate in the Tver region taken measures to combat the virus and ASF is concerned that have not been quarantined in the entire region. Agency also previously made a request to the Minister to instruct Fedorov, requiring all subjects of the Russian Federation to conduct a study on the presence of ASF virus in all boars, caught during the hunt, and to prohibit the use of this game without the results of veterinary-sanitary examination.

On Wednesday, July 11 at the meeting of the regional government adopted a long-term program to prevent the introduction and spread of African swine fever in the Tver region in 2012-2017. Funding for the program will be almost 370 million rubles, of which 107 million rubles will be allocated from the regional budget. This year, as part of the regional budget for these purposes will be allocated 12.5 million rubles.

African swine fever (disease Montgomery) was first recorded in 1903 in South Africa. Under natural conditions, are susceptible to domestic and wild pigs. Infection occurs through contact with sick animals healthy. The disease poses no threat to human health, but extremely dangerous for the animal, since no cure and vaccine. Stop the spread of the virus can only be rigid quarantine.

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