Another Serna took state tests in Nizhny Novgorod

The state selection committee composed of the officers of the Caspian flotilla completed the state testing high-speed landing craft project 11770 "Serna" at a shipyard in Nizhny Novgorod.

 Commission experts checked the boat ride quality while performing different maneuvers at maximum speed — over 30 knots (60 km / h), the performance of all ship systems and devices in combat exercises. Tested the willingness to accept the boat landing and unloading on unequipped coast, as well as its independent refloating.

Currently, the boat is ready to switch on the inland waterways of the Caspian Sea, its arrival on the Caspian flotilla planned by the end of this summer.

For information only.

Dropship Ave 11770 "Chamois" is designed to transport and landing on unequipped coast of wheeled and tracked vehicles and personnel with weapons weighing up to 45 tons boat capable of a speed of 30 knots or more (about 60 km / h) in Depending zagruzhennosti.Dvizhenie boat landing is based on the principle of air cavities — artificial air gap overpressure under its head, which isolates a large part of the body from the contact with water, providing a significant increase in resistance and decrease in speed of up to 30 knots or more, can be independently removed meli.Pri with full fuel boat is able to deliver troops, military equipment and facilities at the destination at a distance of up to 600 miles (1,200 km).

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