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Karst holes

In Don aliens stokilometrovy dug tunnel? Locals explain the origin of the strange holes in his fields extraterrestrial silami.Selyane afraid to approach the mysterious crater.

District alarmed hunters stumbled on the other day at the hamlet mound Orlovsky District at the strange failure right next to a dirt road. A strange hole in diameter — more than three meters.

— Looked with the men inside — one dark. Threw a stone — clunk. No less than 10 meters in depth!

— Edge of failure is very clear, — says Vladimir Kodenko hunter. — And just scattered pieces of the baked, very light material in black. Have we ever seen!

The appearance of strange lumps remain mysterious. Hunters identified anomalous failure that no one fell, and reported to the nearest village council.

And the village rumors: no other aliens dig a tunnel! That's because of the black stones of humans — from their spaceship soil speckles.

Soon the place of a delegation led by the head of the rural settlement Love Ishchenko. Saw that at a depth of seven meters hole expands in all directions. Someone then remembered that in the neighborhood, in the gully, five years ago, geologists spent blasting.

However, after a few days it became clear that the failure of a twin brother. About 100 kilometers from the strange pit near the village of Lugansk in the spring tractor almost went straight into the ground in the field. Farmer, as expected, put a label. Six months later the funnel increased at a rate almost double! The shape of the failure of both are very similar to each other.

Experts refrain from opinions. There are, of course, the assumption that detected sinkholes. That is the ground substitution of groundwater. But such events are not typical for the Rostov region. And what strange lumps found? Local residents have already made their conclusions: the aliens have dug themselves a tunnel. In Lugansk their input. And after 100 miles, the mound, exit.

According to ufologists, these burrows are found in UFO.
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"These craters can affect the psyche of the people"

Andrew policeman, head of anomalous phenomena, Rostov-on-Don
— UFOlogists often face suddenly appeared from nowhere failures pitcher shape. These cases have been recorded in Stavropol, Krasnodar Krai, Siberia, and Karelia. Mention this and foreign researchers of anomalous phenomena. Often precede the appearance of such wells UFO visits. In Siberia, ufologists were cases when an unknown object "was pulled" out of the ground and at this point formed a bottomless failure …

The presence of electromagnetic anomalies in the area of the funnel is usually expressed in exposure to electrical appliances, photographic equipment, and the psyche of people.


"Most likely, groundwater substitution of the earth"

Vladimir KATKALOV, Head of Civil Defense and Emergency Orlovsky District Rostov region:
— This is not abnormal failures. Most likely, the substitution of the ground water table, but just say no one can. We tried to find seismologists, who once were here blasting, but the company no longer exists. They went to another organization, specialists promise to come and investigate the failure. I can only say that we felt really strange appearance of the near failure of pieces of ground, similar to the frozen magma. As for the second failure — near the village of Lugano, it is simply a collapse of land. Local residents say that before there was a well.

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