Are new to Bangkok floods

Thai authorities announced new possible flooding in Bangkok. According to Euronews, the city is the water from the flooded province of Ayutthaya, and while you can not divert flows. Bangkok City Hall has urged residents to evacuate if possible. The city is surrounded by water, the difficulties began with the supply, resulting in there prices spiked food. City residents are trying to save their cars and park them on the racks, and even at the stadium.

According to, water broke through the levees that protected one of the airports in Bangkok. Don Mueang air hub serves mainly domestic flights and is the second largest airport in Thailand. Runways is not affected, and the airport continues to work normally.

In addition, the flood could reach several industrial enterprises and public institutions in the north of Bangkok, including one of the local prisons, where prisoners were taken out. The city center is not affected, the authorities try to direct channels in the sea and on the outskirts.

"Rosbalt" reports that the victims of the floods in Thailand were 366 people, tens of thousands of people homeless. The damage from the floods could exceed $ 16 billion, the Thai economy faces collapse. The authorities have urged foreign businessmen not to abandon investment in the country. Currently, there are floods in 28 of the 76 provinces of the country.

It adds the "Komsomolskaya Pravda" for tourists while there is no danger, as the popular resorts are located in regions that are not affected by bad weather.


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