Are you going to Costa Rica to the eruption of a volcano?

According to the National Seismological Network, Code danger of eruption on the volcano Turrialba, which is located in the province of Cartago, east of the capital of Costa Rica, San Jose, has been upgraded to "yellow." This means that the possibility of eruptions increases, and it can happen in the next few days or weeks.

Danger code was changed due to the increase in overall seismic activity at the volcano. Beneath the surface of Turrialba observers note a powerful movement of liquid molten substances, gas and magma, different from what has happened in recent years. In addition, the temperature in some fumaroles rose to 800 ° C. Of them permanently fixed ash emissions.

Turrialba to increased concentrations of sulfur dioxide, causing the emission of solid rock in some fumaroles. Given the fact that the outer wall of the active crater is very fragile during the alteration of the volcano, the eruption of a huge carbon content can occur as soon as possible.

The volcano has become more active since 2005. In January 2010, due to serious emissions of ash and a high probability of eruption of Turrialba was evacuated two nearby villages.

Photos: RSN


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