Arkansas tornado krushat

Contrasting atmospheric front, which is a breeding ground for tornadoes and related weather hazards and rewards. On Monday, one tornado vandalized town VILON (Arkansas). According to CNN, more than 50 houses were in ruins, the bandwidth of destruction of almost 800 meters Another vortex affected area U.S. Air Force base in Little Rock. Planes were not injured, but damaged several houses. State Governor Mike Beebe has declared a state of emergency in several counties of Arkansas. Meteorologists warned in advance not only the threat of a tornado, but the possibility of rapid flooding. Meanwhile, the element does not back. This week, the National Weather Service predicted more adverse weather conditions. "We expect a very difficult conditions on Tuesday and Wednesday," — said Danny Gant. The meteorologist said the biggest concern is with the environment. "It seems that on this day we may collapse any atmospheric phenomenon, and even snow."


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