Armenia fought against mosquitoes and birds destroyed

Spraying to eradicate mosquitoes in the valley Arp led to the destruction of several species of birds. This was in a conversation with "EcoLur" said high school biology teacher community Gndevaz Vayots Dzor region of Armenia Mkhitar Arshakyan.

According to him, during the 12-13 years of spraying was discontinued due to the gorge which again could hear the birds singing, "But a year ago, spraying pesticides by aircraft was resumed, and the birds began to disappear — died because of chemicals and lack of food" .

In 2010, the media reported that the regional administration of Vayots Dzor allocated about 20 million drams (about 60 thousand dollars) for a program to combat mosquitoes around Jermuk.

The program is implemented Vayots Dzor regional research center and hygienic antiepidemiologicheskoy Inspectorate of the Ministry of Health of Armenia.

The above activities have been undertaken without the authorization to carry out works to the use of chemical and biological agents. Were used pesticides, gasoline, diesel fuel, oil, and drugs mark "Cypermethrin", "Solfak", "Alfakron" and "trichlorfon." In this case, the use of chlorophos prohibited in Armenia.

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