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Arms market,

A few days back the Stockholm Peace Research Institute problems (Stockholm International Peace Research Institute — SIPRI) announced the completion of work on the analysis of the arms market in 2011. The result of these studies was the list of 100 companies and organizations redundant military-industrial sector, distributed by sales. With all of this in the list includes companies all over the world except China. The fact that this country classify almost all the data on the construction of equipment and weapons themselves, also for sale to third countries. Naturally, in this case, the success of Chinese manufacturers of defense products simply can not be fairly represented in the rankings. Not counting the fact the «Top 100» were also posted and general conclusions about the state of the international arms market and military equipment.

First, employees SIPRI noted a small reduction in the market. Although the period from 2002, the total volume of military-technical market has grown by half in 2011, the implementation of the arms in relation to the currency decreased by approximately 5% compared with 2010. Circumstances that a little. This financial difficulties and different states, is not permitted to increase or even maintain current costs of defense, this revision of defense doctrines, etc. In addition, by reducing the production and sales of weapons affected change in the situation in Afghanistan and Iraq. In recent years, despite the constant clashes and battles, the situation in these countries slowly but properly normalized. As a result, decreases the consumption of ammunition and weapons or equipment loss. In the end, several billion dollars from the market «stole» sanctions against certain countries, for example, Libya.

Rassredotachivanie modicum market between companies in different countries have undergone configuration, but generally remained the same. For example, 44 companies from the United States was in the rating, create about 60% of the total number of weapons sold to all attendees «Top 100.» Another 29% comes from three 10-ka Western organizations. Is noteworthy that in addition to the 100 most successful companies in the rating «out of competition» were 19 more companies. The fact that they are the structural units of larger corporations and companies, but with all this by themselves for themselves have a pretty huge profits. They do not have their own places in the ranking, and their placement in the summary table is determined in accordance with income.
First triple «Top 100» from SIPRI a couple of years does not undergo severe configurations. In 2011, more than any American company earned Lockheed Martin, has sold products for military purpose to 36.27 billion U.S. dollars. It should be noted, military products provide 78% of total revenues, «Lockheed Martin». On the second place in the 2011 American company Boeing rose to 31.83 billion revenue («military» income — 46% of the total). The top three favorites of the British short BAE Systems. This concern in 2011 earned three and a redundant billion less than in 2010, and eventually revenue 29.15 billion dollars is not allowed to retain second place. More successful structural division more offices in 2011 turned BAE Systems Inc. — English branch of international giant with a third place in the overall list. With revenues of 13.56 billion in the organization could take ninth place in the «Top 100».

In the hundred best defense companies and their divisions got only eight Russian companies. The best of them — United Aircraft Company — rose from 21 (2010) on the 18th, having sold over 2011 products to 4.44 billion dollars. Virtually billion dollars behind Concern PVO «Almaz-Antey»: with annual income of 3.66 billion he fell two places and braked at the 22 th position. «Russian Helicopters», in turn, increased sales and income climbed to 2.56 billion 40th place. United Engine company earned 1.33 billion, firmly occupies the 60th place, not only improved its position. The highest growth of all Russian companies in 2011 showed Nizhny Tagil «Uralvagonzavod». For the year his income has increased from 730 to 1,200 million dollars. Has promoted such a jump up from 91 for the 64th (!) In the overall rankings. List of Russian independent organizations in the «Top 100» from SIPRI closes Concern «Radio Engineering and Information Systems.» Its revenue of 1.05 billion dollars secured 69th place in the ranking. It should be noted concern for the first time was in the list of the best producers of military purpose.

Of the most successful Russian companies that are part of larger organizations, was the company «Sukhoi». Through the sale of aircraft total price of 2.63 billion dollars, this company could be at the 39th place in the rankings. Company «Irkut» as «dry» which is part of the United Aircraft Company, in 2011, earned 1.07 trillion and could «move» with 69 seats Concern «Radio Engineering and Information Systems.»

In total, Russian companies that fall in the «Top 100» in 2011, sold weapons and military equipment to 12.94 billion dollars, 1.7 billion more than in the past 2010. As we see, last year’s success in implementing the weapons were justified as a gradual increase in municipal procurement and export contracts. The current trend is even more manifest in the subsequent report on the 100 best producers of weapons, which will be described the situation on the market in the past 2012. But this report will appear only after a year, as the quality of the analysis directly related to the cost of time.

Perhaps in the «Top 100» for 2012 Russian companies improve their position, but to join the top-10 favorites yet read is not necessary. First, as all income Russian organizations for 2011 are at the level of companies occupying rating ninth-tenth place. Hardly any of the Russian combined companies will be able to within two or three years to achieve the same characteristics, which gives almost the entire branch. Immediately it should be noted that virtually all of the first 10-20 seats rankings have contracts with the U.S. military and NATO countries. Despite all the cuts, these countries so far continue to pour in its defense huge funds, which is why companies suppliers retain the highest measured income. As a result, seven companies from the first 10 matches are based in the United States — the country with the largest military budget in the world.

Unfortunately, in the «Top 100» from SIPRI are not considered the merits of Chinese defense companies. According to various estimates, the same company Norinco could claim to be not lower than the twentieth. But China usually classify all the details of its own modernization, including cash. Because Norinco, Shenyang Aircraft Corporation or China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, with all his own highest potential, are not involved in the overall rankings. In addition to China in the notes to the overall rating marked and other countries, as an example, which are Kazakhstan and Ukraine. According to analysts SIPRI, these countries have large defense companies with a decent income. Yet, these companies do not release a sufficient amount of data as well as Chinese, can be incorporated into the top 100 best companies.

Overall, the results of trade instrument in 2011 continue the existing trend with the lack of any severe configurations. General sales numbers grow or fall slightly, but a huge leap upwards rated on several 10’s of places can boast of only two companies: Russian «Uralvagonzavod» and Japan’s Kawasaki Heavy Industries. As for new players in the market, the best weave in 2011 included only eight companies, including one Russian. So while reducing the total volume of the market of weapons and military equipment in 2011 remained practically unchanged. Under certain circumstances, this phenomenon can be reincarnated as a severe tendency which, in turn, is able to fully assist the producers of the other country or to increment its market share and revenues.

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