Asteroid Cleopatra may soon collide with the Earth

Brazilian astronomers have made an unexpected discovery. It turns out that a large asteroid called "Cleopatra" from the main asteroid belt may threaten Earth. How say scientists, the celestial body has changed its trajectory, and now it may have to our planet in the coming months.


The asteroid, code-named 216 — "Cleopatra" is shaped like a dog bone. Its size is about the American state of New Jersey, the length of the asteroid 217 km. It was opened in 1880 by the Austrian astronomer Johann Paliza.


According to astronomers, this form may be due to an asteroid collision of two objects that are a result of this combined.


Recently asteroid "Cleopatra" was subjected to a thorough examination of the reflected radar using radio waves. This analysis suggested that the chemical composition of the asteroid related to spectral class M, includes nickel, iron, and enstatite. Do asteroids have two satellites and Kleoselena Aleksgelios a diameter of 5 and 3 km, respectively.

Until recently, scientists asserted that "Cleopatra" will never collide with Earth.


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