Astrakhan feels tremors


15.11.12.Novye tremors were felt residents of Astrakhan. A series of tremors began on 6 October (in particular, repeatedly rocked "9-storey houses in the neighborhood Babaevskii, as well as in the village of Chagan Kamyzyaksky region Astrakhan region).
Then the tremors were recorded in the regional center residents 10 and November 12. Finally, a series of aftershocks took place in Astrakhan on November 15 in the afternoon, and so strong and frequent that the Astrakhan segment the World Wide Web is literally "exploded" messages on the subject. made a compilation of the most characteristic messages about today's earthquake in Astrakhan. "Well now shaken … Already cracked door jambs", — Wrote an Internet user S10. "Right now nehilo trehanulo", confirmed by the user with the nickname Cech. "Yes there was so much more … with two minute intervals …", confirms tuapal. "Brrrr so much was not yet", — Echoes forumchanin MaXXL. "Two very strong shock, so much was not yet", — Said merom. "Confirmed. Also just felt … I sit next to a plastic window, you could hear it cracking slightly … Very strong push. Not again Ashuluk? str. Kulikova, 56/2 ", — Wrote his address OwnerDarkness. "The same thing)) Babayka", — Report PoP3. "What areas shakes? Tatishchev shaking now ", — Said being in the Leninsky district of Astrakhan Maelz. "Yes zvezdets Kulikova 42k1 I almost fell", — Writes SEA.

For calls to emergency services Astrakhan there Duty meet that shaking buildings is due to disposal of ammunition in Ashuluk.


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