Astrakhan region teen killed Lightning

In the Astrakhan region 17-year-old was killed by a lightning strike, the correspondent IA REGNUM July 12, the press service of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation in the Astrakhan region.

As set initial inquiry, July 8, a group of teenagers resting on the river bank Enotaevka. Later in the afternoon a heavy rain storm, and teenagers decided to hide in the set on the banks of the tent, but one of them wanted to stay near the shore. According to eyewitnesses, the lightning hit him, and he fell to the ground. Attempts to render first aid to have failed. When the victim transported to the other side, doctors pronounced his death.

According to the results of the forensic examination, the death of a young man was a result of the defeat of atmospheric electricity — lightning. After the scan, the decision to dismiss the criminal case due to lack of evidence of a crime.

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