At Domodedovo explosion. Video


24.01.11.V hall international flights Moscow Domodedovo airport about 16:30 there was an explosion. According to preliminary data, there are victims. This writes the Life News.

According to the publication, in the airport detonated a suicide bomb.

At present we know of 10 dead. The number of wounded is difficult to call. According to some reports, the two were injured. "We asked for the possibility of more ambulances" — reported to law enforcement. At the scene, left several teams Disaster Medicine Centre.

"I just came out of the airport, there was a blast — told Life News on the phone a Andrew, who flew from the U.S.. — Past us carrying bloody bodies. I hurried to get away from there. "

According to RIA Novosti, strong smoke is observed in the Baggage Claim area, blocked exit from the arrivals area. Such information agency correspondent, who is at the airport. People derive through additional output in the halls of a large crowd of passengers. The room smells of burning, with the hands-free while it is not announced, Vedomosti. The press service of the Domodedovo reported that investigate the cause of the accident.

In the Federal Air Transport Agency said that currently collect information on the case. According to board the airport, the last plane was sent at 16:34 in Makhachkala. Status of other flights until clear, since the airport to board their status will not be displayed, says RBC.

Many flights changed outputs. As reported by law enforcement agencies, the epicenter of the explosion was in a restaurant "O2". However, other data pulled one of the bags of luggage.


The number of victims of the explosion at Domodedovo increased to 20

According to recent reports, the explosion at Moscow's Domodedovo airport, killing 20 people, about the same number were wounded.
The explosion at 16:30. According to Life News, a bomb detonated a suicide bomber. According to some sources was the epicenter of the explosion in the restaurant "O2", on the other, pulled one of the bags in the baggage claim area in the international terminal. And law enforcement agencies report that a bomb was in the place where the expected flew — after Customs.

"I just came out of the airport, there was a blast — told Life News on the phone a Andrew, who flew from the U.S.. — Past us carrying bloody bodies. I hurried to get away from there. "

"What is known about the eight victims, but, obviously, more victims — the exact number is set is not possible because of smoke. Dozens of people were injured. On-site emergency panic stampede, take out the bodies, "- said a police officer. Life News reported 20 dead. Previously said about ten.

Representative of the Moscow interregional transport investigation department of the Investigative Committee of Russia Tatiana Morozova said the number of victims up to 20 people, write She noted that formed investigation group that went to the site of the accident, the "Echo of Moscow". These figures confirmed the Assistant Minister of Health and Social Development, Sofia Malyavina.

The explosion left investigators and criminologists Central Office Investigative Committee and several brigades of Disaster Medicine Centre. Besides Moscow ambulance sent to the place of doctors seen from Domodedovo.

Flights delayed at Domodedovo with registration and passengers are not allowed in the passport control, RIA Novosti reported. The people who come out of the baggage claim area, please immediately leave the airport.


Video posted on YouTube by user Djem79

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