At least 24 people have died in China after a strong hail and showers

Hail and heavy rain have killed at least 24 people in north-western China, the fate of 33 is unknown, local media reported.

Bad weather struck the county Minsya Gansu province on Thursday evening. Despite the fact that the rain and hail lasted only about an hour, during which time the area has dropped to 70 millimeters of rain, was the communication breakdown in six locations to cut off electricity.

The area destroyed dozens of homes, hospitals and schools. Of the most affected areas were evacuated nearly 2,000 people.

Hail, according to preliminary data, destroyed more than 7000 hectares of agricultural land.

Torrential rain did not stop even in some regions of China. Downpours led to flooding in the central province of Hunan. At the epicenter of the elements are at least 1.2 million people, the economic damage has already reached 863 million yuan (137 million dollars). Bad weather is also raging in the eastern province of Jiangxi, which seriously damaged more than 100 houses, floods also hit 10.3 thousand hectares of farmland.

Source: RIA "Novosti".

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