At the height of the fall in Volgograd bloomed lilac

Marina put a bunch of lilacs at home and at work.White clusters of bloom in the Soviet area of the city /
— I could not believe my eyes, when she came to work that morning, See, lilac bush bloomed at the door! — Laughing resident Soviet district of Volgograd Marina chrome. — Home, almost dropped leaves and bloomed! Bush planted 4 years ago. Blossomed, as it should be — every spring, in May. And then there are white flowers appear at the end of October! 28 years working in horticulture, never with such a miracle not encountered.

Marina did not believe at first that it was a lilac: twigs in bloom is not as usual — a bunch, and climbed right out of the kidneys, where the must have new leaves and twigs. Moreover, in the form of a brush. However, the scent of lilacs confused with another difficult. Photo of the miracle Marina sent us to the office, and we showed it to experts.

Lilac blooms no way in May, but also very beautiful ...
— Rare, but it happens — said Head of Horticulture, breeding and seed Volgograd Agricultural Academy Igor Podkovyrov. — Especially after the drought. Summer lilac leaves in a state of rest, and as soon as the moisture comes to the region — rain, she began a period of flowering. Itself can also lead chestnuts and acacia.

... And most importantly - flavor!

— Indeed, this year, all but one was a bush blooming twig — agrees Marina. — But now they — tens. I am at home and at work delivered bouquets. Let all watch and cheer. After the fall so want of positive emotions!

Maria Livigno

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