At the official Minsk there are problems with Vilnius, and Kiev

September 8 in Belarus will be the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania and Ukraine. Along with Sergei Martynov Azubalis and Konstantin Grishchenko participate in the consultations of the foreign ministers of the three countries. Previous meetings were held in a similar format to last year, in February and in Vilnius in November in Kiev.

On the issue of "Freedom," about than today going to talk to ministers, spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus Andrei Savinykh said:

"During the visit and during the meeting, the ministers will discuss the state and prospects of development of the European Union initiative" Eastern Partnership "options coordination of Belarus, Ukraine and Lithuania to pursue common interests at the regional, sub-regional and global levels through international organizations. This coordination will also include the implementation of joint projects. "

Savin said, and another area of the talks:

"Of course, the ministers will consider current issues of the Belarusian-Ukrainian and Belarusian-Lithuanian cooperation."

Columnist Jacob Roman, which oversees such appointments, notes that the most urgent is perhaps energy issues:

"It is a difficult problem — Ukrainian electricity transit through Belarus to Lithuania and later in other Baltic countries. This question to date, has not been resolved. "

Here we need clarification. Ukraine produces a lot of electricity and has the ability to sell it on the international market. Vilnius and Kiev have agreed on prices. First and Minsk agreed to distill electricity transit to Lithuania. During that Belarus was to receive transit money. But suddenly, Belarus has changed the position and said: we will buy electricity in the Ukraine, and then later by the prices to sell it to Lithuania. This caused outrage in Vilnius.

Analysts point to the fact that the three ministers, who started these meetings remains at his post only Sergei Martynov. Former Foreign Minister of Lithuania Mr. Ushatskas now head of the EU mission in Afghanistan, and his colleague from Ukraine, Mr. Poroshenko went back to his business of manufacturing of chocolate, sweets, cakes …

Jacob also notes the difficulties that exist in the bilateral relations between Belarus and the Ukraine as well as with Lithuania:

"From Kiev is for the agreement on the state border. Belarus finally ratified it, but the letters still does not give Ukraine. While in Kiev NO letters, it means that this document does not work.

As for Lithuania, it has not yet signed an agreement to move the residents of border areas. Belarus does not sign it. "


Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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