Atlantis killer wakes up …

The Greek island of Santorini is rightly considered one of the best places to stay: beautiful, cozy beaches, friendly locals, beautiful volcano …Volley at the invadersSantorini Volcano — the story itself.
The last time he reminded people of their power relatively recently — in July 1956. Then the eruption caused a major earthquake and tidal wave height of 17 meters.48 people were killed. Many, fearing left the island. But the volcano has calmed down, and life went on.
At the beginning of World War II, the Italian divisions began landing on the Greek Islands. Their actions were supported by German submarines. Legend has it that when a group of Nazi submarines close to Santorini, the volcano woke up and "fired a volley" by the invaders, so much so well that even a few submarines were damaged. Germans do not understand the situation, attributed these actions secret Russian "wonder weapon", though how while in Greece could take Russian, but still unknown to anyone with weapons?Despite the fact that since the end of World War II was not much time, it is difficult now to say this is true or is it a legend. But locals swear that it all — true, and the volcano is actually protecting them from enemy troops.Its really harsh temper Santorini show people 3600 years ago, wiped out the Minoan civilization, which in the previous thousand-plus years of successful development on the island of Crete. The resulting eruption tsunami in minutes passed those 110 kilometers that separate Crete from Santorini, the island washed away everything and everyone who was there.Not long ago, historians are directly linked with the eruption of one of the plagues described in the Bible: "And Moses stretched forth his hand toward heaven, that there was a thick darkness in all the land of Egypt three days: They saw not one another, neither rose any from his place for three day … "(Exodus, the Old Testament).It is possible that the ash from the eruption reached Egypt, and for several days covered the sky.According to researchers, the Santorini eruption that occurred 12,000 years ago, Atlantis was destroyed. Yes, yes, Atlantis, certainly, on the conscience of the volcano, if, of course, follow the hypothesis that the legendary state located in the Mediterranean Sea.Second ApocalypseBut why, you ask, we are so long and detailed talk about the old, polupotuhshem volcano? And here's what.
Some time ago, devices located directly on the body of Santorini, showed that the activity of the volcano has increased substantially.The researchers argue that beneath accumulated about 14 million cubic meters of magma. Santorini wakes up! Volcano, within minutes the erased from the face of the planet for at least two civilizations, again wants to remind myself. "We can not say with certainty that it will not erupt, — says geophysicist at Georgia Institute of Technology Andrew Newman. — Every volcano is different, and therefore we can not apply their knowledge of the other volcanoes of Santorini. " But as they say, precedents have already been. And not waiting for a peaceful Mediterranean coast fate of Atlantis?


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