Atmospheric fronts from Colombia and Peru — the cause of showers in Ecuador

Rain intensified in Ecuador and suffer from them more and more cities and provinces. In Canton Guaranda (province Bolivar) was destroyed sewage and ten houses were flooded, residents were evacuated.
Landslide Valley Mullo caused traffic difficulties on the road leading to this settlement, and destroyed one of the dwellings. At the same time, the San José de Chimbo rainfall resulted in several landslides that destroyed part of four houses.
The first landslide was reported at about 23:00 on Monday. Do the inhabitants of the four houses had no more than 30 minutes to get to the street, where there was a second, larger landslide, completed the destruction of buildings and bury two vehicles and a tractor.

Water overflowed sewers in Canton Quinindé (province of Esmeraldas), which has led to a flood of seven districts. In addition, the leakage was registered diesel substation Union Obrera. The contaminated area is about two miles, there are banana plantation, brick factory, a few farms, cocoa plantations and other planting. Local people prefer to leave the past and present animals in pens, to avoid poisoning. Oil derivatives from entering into the channels of killing a few ducks.

In Canton Portoviejo, Manabi province's capital, in addition to the flooded streets, there were a fallen tree on power lines and power outages. 35 families were left without light from 02:00 to 07:00 on Tuesday. According to local residents, the rain is accompanied by a strong wind.

The city airport Manta took Monday night seven international flights diverted from Guayaquil, where bad weather has not allowed to land. Since all aircraft owned by foreign companies and had to go way back, took their dressing. With six planes no problem, but the crew and passengers of an aircraft airline American Airlines, was heading from Miami — Guayaquil — Miami, had to wait four hours.

A strong storm that struck the neighboring cantons of Guayaquil and on Monday night, and at dawn on Tuesday, leaving behind not only the chaos on the roads and a break in the airport, but the deceased farmer in Samborondon. Male 30 years old, who was orphaned three children, died in his house of reeds and wood, to which a huge tree had fallen as a result of strong winds. This area also recorded a significant property damage and power outages. In the Guayaquil rains and strong winds triggered landslide hill in the neighborhood Bellavista, in the northwest of the city.

Such climatic front remains over much of Ecuador on April 15 and appears nightly rains of varying intensity, said Luis Arriaga Ochoa, specialist ohraneprirody based on information Meteorological Service. Starting from late Monday to dawn Tuesday, heavy precipitation have been recorded across the country, says the report by the National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology (Inamhi). At Canton Quevedo dropped 133 mm of rainfall, the main port — 99.9 mm, and it is almost monthly rate in April. As explained Arriaga, morning and afternoon, with registered almost cloudless sky, which contributes to increased evaporation, which in turn leads to the formation of rain clouds. In addition, increased precipitation contribute to atmospheric fronts from Colombia, the Ecuadorian Amazon and to the north of Peru. Forecasters warned that heavy precipitation and thunderstorms will continue and may even intensify in the coming days. As staff Inamhi forecast that the rainy season lasts until the end of this month, although it is possible that this year will be rainy and May.


Source: Ecuador today

Rain caused havoc on the roads and the closure of airports in Ecuador

April 19,Flooded streets and avenues, damaged vehicles, power outages, as well as the temporary closure of the airports in Quito and Guayaquil — these are just some of the problems that have arisen due to rain the previous night.

In Guayaquil was about 18:30 when I started to rain, accompanied by strong wind, thunder and lightning. Visibility on the roads was severely limited, just a few meters, formed huge traffic jams. A few streets quarter Urdesa waves formed by vehicles driving past, almost like the ocean, hit the walls and doors of the houses, vehicle engines glohli. A similar pattern was observed in most of the major avenues of the city. The situation worsened when the lights went out north of Guayaquil because of a short circuit. Drivers have complained that the controllers in the streets and there was no chaos on the roads till late at night.

In the quarter El Paraiso several vehicles were submerged in water to almost half the height of the body, the street turned into a river. Walked on the sidewalks in-the water, pedestrians who are not lucky enough to be outside in a storm. Been inundated areas Sauces, Samanes, Alborada, La Garzota and Guayacanes, as well as on the avenues and Quito Machala, at the entrance to the tunnel Cerro de El Carmen. Economic capital was defenseless before the orgy of nature, and the townspeople claim that can not remember such a heavy downpour — rain fell for at least four hours.

In the vicinity of the University of Guayaquil in traffic problems continued until 21:30, and on the highway in Samborondon and Duran — 22:00. That evening, the taxi drivers were busy, and some of the road workers cooperatives refused to come to work in a downpour, afraid to stay with a dead engine on some flooded Avenue. Some of the enterprising taxi fare increased two to three times.

Rain led to the temporary closure of the international airport of Guayaquil, because of limited visibility. Some flights, both domestic and international, were diverted to land in the city of Manta (province of Manabi), and flights delayed until 21:00. After this hour, airport resumed normal operations.

The capital of Ecuador — Quito, downpour yesterday lasted almost two hours, also causing problems on the roads and malfunction of the air terminal. In the streets and Aguarico la Libertad, according to the authorities, there was a risk of collapse of the two outer walls of houses. In the area of El Batan tree fell on the house, there were no injuries, according to the Red Cross. Observed in the central streets traffic chaos in the south of the city form a long tube, as several cars stalled in pools at the college level Guayaquil, blocked the way. Rain triggered the closure of the international airport of Quito, but work resumed around 21:00. However, yesterday in the capital were reported as serious flooding, as last Saturday, when the rescuers had to evacuate passengers trolley, entering the water on inflatable boats.


Source: Ecuador today


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