Attention! Vladivostok will exercise on tsunami alert


September 27 in Vladivostok held command and staff exercise on "Coordination of the federal executive bodies, authorities, forces and resources for emergency management organization of population and territories in emergency situations caused by the tsunami."

Training objectives are: to check the readiness of links functional subsystem SPARES Primorye tsunami warning and action on purpose, improving coherence of the government functional and territorial emergency management subsystems Primorsky territory with the threat of a tsunami, and also check their readiness for the emergency caused by Tsunami.

During training at the water station will TOF practical element of action of forces and means of territorial and functional subsystems SPARES involved for the tsunami. Also during the training exercise will alert coastal populations Vladivostok the tsunami threat.

Notification is part of the practical element of command and staff training. To broadcast messages will be involved local warning systems installed in factories, terminal complexes OKSION systems, voice translators for transport. There is also a warning will be involved in the media city. Through them will be broadcast messages to the public.

EMERCOM Russia's Primorsky Krai


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