Australia moves to supertsiklon Yasi: the evacuation of the Queensland population

Monster cyclone Yasi

In connection with the approach of a powerful tropical cyclone "Yasi" to the shores of Australia's Queensland state government began evacuating people. According to meteorologists, who is expected to "Yasi" on Thursday night, the wind speed inside the cyclone, has already received the fourth of five possible danger category, reaching 250 km / h.

Evacuation was carried out by the police, army and rescue, emergency declared in much of Queensland. According to the publication, this evening suspended the operation of ports located on the coastline from Cairns to Mackay.

Earlier this month, the "green continent" was the victim of a powerful flood. Anna Bligh, premier of Queensland, the most affected by the tsunami Continental, assessed the damage caused by flood, to $ 5 billion.

Eyewitnesses reported that the state capital of Brisbane, the third largest city in the "green continent," looked like a "battlefield." Most of the city has become a "dirty lake" with protruding from it the rooftops, water washed about 12,000 buildings, 118,000 homes were left without electricity. It was officially announced the death of at least 19 people, more than 60 missing.

Dimensions cyclone Yasi


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