Australian rats massively resettled in the desert after rain

It is unlikely that rats linger long in the wilderness.

Long-haired rat "native" or Rattus Villosissimus (Latin name of local rodent — annotated. Translator) normally lives in the Barkly plateau in the northern and western parts of the piece. Queensland (Western Australia — annotated. Translator).

But now — for the first time in 25 years — it was noticed in Alice Springs (North of Australia — annotated. Translator).

"Some individuals reach 30 cm in length — a decent copy rat exhibition" — shares his views livestock keeper Chris Giles.

"They will run and hide there, under a small bush, and you can approach them close enough" — said Giles, storekeeper with a sheep farm, located on Lake Nash, Northern Territory for ABC News — «The other day I almost caught one of them. "

Wandering through the Red Centre

Peter McDonald, acting scientist who studies the problems of biodiversity conservation in the Northern Territory, said that this event is "an exceptional case", which is the result of long and heavy seasonal rains.

"It is very unusual for a world of rodents, but Rattus Villosissimus few stands out in the world and the species is well known for its mass migration," — he added.

"This expansion of the territory of the dwelling in the world of rodents seen lemmings in the northern hemisphere. However, in Australia, before anything like that happened. "

In Alice Springs because of the dry climate in general there are no rats.

Long-haired rodent was first noticed around the middle of last year, at the edge of the Simpson Desert, south-east of the city, said MacDonald.

The ability to produce a rodent to 12 pups every three weeks to give odds on the reproduction of any other highly representative of the world of rodents, he said.

For those who are concerned about the rat plague, scientist reassured saying that rats are unlikely to remain in the so-called Red Centre of the country. (Because of its unusual bright, rich, red earth, the region is called the Red Centre (Red Centre), and Alice Springs — the capital of this center — annotated. Translator).

"This is not the best conditions for them," — he said. "Maybe they just move through the Centre, they will settle here, because there are too many negative factor for them."

Translation: Anna Krasnov
Source: BBC

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