Australian state of Queensland face new cyclone

Three cyclone may collapse in the near future on the northern coast of the Australian state of Queensland, the victim in the last month, severe flooding, as well as in the south-western tip of the continent, said on Friday the Australian Broadcasting Corporation website ABC News.

According to meteorologists, the most pronounced threat of a tropical cyclone "Anthony", who is currently at about 1000 kilometers north-east of Townsville. As reported by meteorologists, the cyclone moves towards the land and can reach the coast between Cooktown and Mackay by Monday morning. There is also the possibility that by the time power "Anthony" to reach the third category of risk.

Another cyclone, carrying a potential threat to Queensland, is located in Fiji, his "arrival" is expected on Tuesday. Prime Minister of the State Anna Bligh warned that hurricanes can be accompanied by rain and cause a new wave of floods.

Meanwhile, authorities southwest coast of Western Australia are concerned about the approaching cyclone "Bianca", to reach land as early as Saturday morning. As noted by ABC News, the emergence of "Bianca" will bring strong wind gusts which will reach 120 kilometers per hour. According to the fire services in weather risk of fire will be very significant.

As a result of rampant floods in Australia were closed 75% of the coal mines, which led to a spike in world prices for coal. In the area was flooded area that is larger than the size of Germany and France combined. According to authorities, the victims of the elements could be up to 30 people at the moment confirmed the death of 16 people.


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