Autumn drought in Germany was replaced by hurricane

The north of Europe attacked just two hurricane. In Scandinavia, the raging storm "Berit". In Norway, flooded roads, disrupted air traffic. There are missing. In the Baltics, seemingly innocuous cyclone named "Yoda" has gained strength and hit for Latvia and Lithuania, hooking and northern Germany. And this anomaly has replaced another — November in Germany was the warmest in the last 100 years. Since the beginning of September in Germany — just a few rainy days. Wonderful golden autumn. Exotic plants start up new leaves, and nature gives bad debts for the summer harvest of strawberries in November."This is very unusual — recognizes meteorologist Frank Abel. — November was the driest month in Berlin since the beginning of meteorological observations in 1908. Last heavy rain over a wide area was 12 October."This unexpected makeweight summer with bonuses brings trouble not in season. Autumn drought — an extremely rare event for the middle band. In Bavaria burns National Park."Fire destroys unique forest, the recovery of which in the last few years, we have spent an enormous amount of effort and money," — says the spokesman for the regional center of Bad Tolz Joseph Niedermayer.The great German river Rhine shoaled so that in some places it can go, do not soak the feet. In the district of Cologne water barely covers the bottom: 120 centimeters — not enough to hold a loaded barge. Transportation artery dry."Our customers do not look at the weather, they continue to order products, — says a representative of the river port of Cologne Jan Zise. — But the court can carry only half of the normal amount, so we have to run faster to catch load-unload everything that was ordered" .At selected sites, the Rhine water level fell so low the last hundred years. The people scattered across baring bottom in search of something interesting. Insecure employment. Of harmless junk catches debris of the Second World War. "The main thing — do not approach them closely. Just stay away and report to the police," — calls on the ship captain Hans Vasserbyurger.In violation of the norm can not be helped. And having lost the sense of time in the sky rush disoriented flock of ducks, which, in theory, it's time to the south. But now, however, is unclear — why.In Berlin, another fine day, and there is nothing that is 300 kilometers north-west — a flood and hurricane. But it looks like something it inflate. By mid-week promise rain and drop in temperature, so that Germany seems to expect a return to an unpleasant climate norm.Source:

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