Avalanche covered the village in Afghanistan

In the mountainous region, in north-eastern Afghanistan, is searching for about 150 people missing as a result of avalanches. In Badakhshan province on March 4 was covered with snow village dispensary with a population of about 200 people. It is known that the victims of avalanches were more than 50 people, is now the police and residents of neighboring villages are trying to dig out from the rubble of those who may have survived. The situation is complicated by the fact that rescue teams reach the area until the accident could not, because the roads are blocked with snow, and the use of helicopters can lead to outright new avalanches, according to ITAR-TASS. According to meteorologists, the past winter in Afghanistan is the most severe in 15 years. Only in the mountainous Badakhshan province in the past months of avalanches killed more than 90 people. Avalanches on the village dispensary, located near the border with Tajikistan, was preceded by several days of heavy snowfall, followed by the warming. Specialists say that the threat of new avalanches remains high, especially given the fact that next week again expected snowfall, and in the last few days, the temperature increased.


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